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22 Mar, 2022 /
Veritone iDERMS Press Release
Veritone iDERMS
04 Jan, 2022 /
Sequans Communications
Ubiik Selects Sequans Monarch 2 GM02S Module for Taiwan Power Company's Advanced Metering Infrastructure
“We selected Sequans Monarch 2 GM02S module for our next generation of LTE communicat...
29 Nov, 2021 /
Zhanna Marino
Optical computer. When light is the future of electronics
Optical computer. When light is the future of electronics
29 Nov, 2021 /
Lily Lo
Virtual reality in industry
Virtual reality in industry
29 Nov, 2021 /
Adele Lambert
Technologies that will shape our daily life in the future
Technologies that will shape our daily life in the future
Molly Moss
/ 29 Nov, 2021
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Virtual and augmented reality will become part of the physical world

The active use of virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) realities in a wide variety of areas forms "merged reality", in which 
the boundaries between augmented, virtual and physical worlds are blurred. This conclusion was reached in early 
July 2017 by experts from the Ericsson ConsumerLab research unit, having studied the impact of AR and VR 
technologies on the habits and preferences of users.
7 out of 10 users expect VR / AR technology to revolutionize 6 areas: media, education, work, social, travel and retail. 
Users are also confident that virtual space will replace classrooms and offices, and in less than a year, virtual screens 
will replace television and theaters. According to 25% of those surveyed, AR technologies will be used to obtain 
information about travel and maps as early as next year. 50% of early adopters believe that VR / AR will be 
integrated into one device combining AR glasses and built-in VR functions.
According to users, lack of mobility, bulkiness of devices and uneven coverage hinder the spread of virtual reality. In 
addition, many people note that motion sickness, which occurs when using some VR applications, is an important 
According to the respondents, 5G technology will play the main role in the development of "united reality". 36% of 
respondents believe that 5G can bring mobility to VR / AR devices with stable network connectivity and high data 
rates. A third believe that 5G will increase battery life, and a quarter of users expect the proliferation of 5G 
technologies to solve the problem of motion sickness.


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