1 October-1 February 2023
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22 Mar, 2022 /
Veritone iDERMS Press Release
Veritone iDERMS
04 Jan, 2022 /
Sequans Communications
Ubiik Selects Sequans Monarch 2 GM02S Module for Taiwan Power Company's Advanced Metering Infrastructure
“We selected Sequans Monarch 2 GM02S module for our next generation of LTE communicat...
29 Nov, 2021 /
Lily Lo
Virtual reality in industry
Virtual reality in industry
29 Nov, 2021 /
Molly Moss
Virtual and augmented reality will become part of the physical world
Virtual and augmented reality will become part of the physical world
29 Nov, 2021 /
Zhanna Marino
Optical computer. When light is the future of electronics
Optical computer. When light is the future of electronics
Adele Lambert
/ 29 Nov, 2021
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Technologies that will shape our daily life in the future

The development of technology is an ongoing and increasingly rapid process. Therefore, it is not 
surprising that more and more concepts that previously seemed unattainable in the coming centuries
 are already being developed by scientists with might and main. Moreover, very soon what we read a
bout in science fiction books or watched in the movies may already become an integral part of the life 
of mankind. Here are 5 technologies that will become part of our daily life in the future.

Augmented reality technology is developing quite actively today, and we are already using some of its 
advantages: for example, we are looking for the necessary information in our smartphones. And in the 
future, scientists assume that the same functions will be transferred from phones to our glasses, and 
after that - to the retina of the eye. True, while the developers of all such concepts are faced with one
 problem - how to minimize the consequences of information overload during the application of their
 technologies, but this does not stop specialists from trying to improve the system that will help make
 reality more accessible and understandable.

Similar to the aforementioned technology - virtual reality - is designed to expand the boundaries of 
our perception of the world and make it such that it will one day become as commonplace as TVs 
or smartphones are today. Virtual reality can allow a person to become a character in a favorite 
movie or talk to a person who is very far not through the screen of a gadget, but to feel everything
 as if he is sitting next to him. Of course, today the level of these technologies is rather at the initial 
stage, but this does not mean at all that they will not be able to develop to such heights that humanity 
can really stop distinguishing between the real world and the digital one.
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